7 Luxury Outdoor Living Space Trends for 2022

Does winter have you daydreaming about warm days and breezy nights in your outdoor space this year?

Spring is on the horizon, making it the perfect time to plan how you’ll make the most out of your outdoor living space this year, including where to make new investments and how you’ll decorate. Our team at Outdoor Spaces predicts some hot trends for 2022:

A Bohemian Rhapsody

Channel your inner boho chic when you think about decorating your outdoor rooms this year. Big angles and smooth surfaces are making room for a more eclectic outdoor décor vibe. Think patterned textures, natural woods, patterned rugs and pillows, lots of plants, relaxing furniture, and world motifs. Don’t be afraid to mix up your modern furnishings with a bohemian home designed look.

Plant Up

Plants are always a must for outdoor spaces, but this year we’re seeing all things green on an upward trend. Vertical gardens – a trellis full of vines, tall trees, colorful hanging floral baskets – are all the rage. And these gorgeous displays of foliage aren’t just for city dwellers looking to maximize square footage. Vertical gardens can be created in nearly any outdoor space, offering an instant aesthetic focal point and conversation starter. 

If you need help curating the perfect outdoor space for your home, give our landscape designers a call.

Recycle and Repurpose

Sustainability continues to be a theme in outdoor space projects for 2022, with more people looking to incorporate recycled materials and components into their designs. Building projects will include more natural materials such as bamboo and reclaimed wood, and eco-friendly décor and brands that embrace sustainable practices will continue to be popular. With supply chain issues impacting the shipping of some patio furniture and materials, we’re also seeing a trend in repurposing and/or refurbishing spare lumber into chairs, dining tables, or other items for outdoor spaces.

Light it Up

Who doesn’t love a little mood lighting to transform an outdoor space into something a little magical? Advancements in lighting technology are making it easier than ever to get creative about where and how you illuminate your outdoor space. Solar-based or battery-operated candle-based are great options for creating ambient – and functional – lighting.  

Technology Meets Building Materials

For outdoor tabletops, patio paving, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits, we’re seeing more use of engineered work surfaces, such as Dekton, mixed in with traditional landscaping materials like granites and natural stone. These new surfaces come in an array of textures and colors – and they’re high-heat resistant, impermeable, freeze-and thaw-resistant, and scratch-resistant.

Extending the Season Al Fresco

Demand is growing for lighting, sound, and shade structures that can make patios, porches, and other outdoor structures usable year-round. Outdoor kitchens and outdoor dining rooms continue to be a hot commodity, featuring fresh air outdoor bars.

In addition to outdoor dining spaces, outdoor seating areas and outdoor living rooms featuring large TVs and projectors continue to be popular. As the work-from-home trend continues, homeowners are even carving out dedicated space for outdoor offices.

It’s Open Air Playtime!

We love the creative direction home entertainment has taken over the past two years, and the same applies to outdoor fun too. Half court backyard basketball, tennis, or multi-sport courts are a great way to entertain and to keep your family active– and they can blend beautifully into your outdoor space with the right lighting and landscaping. Classic swing sets and other backyard playsets are always a hit, as well as more whimsical options like giant chess sidewalk checkers, sandboxes, and magical treehouses.

Need some help designing and building your ideal outdoor space? Let our team help you create the perfect luxury outdoor living space.