7 Tips for Keeping Your Outdoor Space Organized

Expanding your living area into the outdoors offers more room to enjoy R&R—but also more opportunity to invite clutter.

If you’ve invested in making your outdoor space a place of lovely harmony, don’t let errant rakes, grilling equipment, or backyard bats and balls mess up the aesthetic. A tidy outdoor space takes a little planning and a few additional resources but will pay off in spades with some organizational Zen. Here are a few tips and tricks for keeping your backyard mess-free:

Hide that hose. Nothing screams “sloppy” more than a long rubber hose strewn across your yard. Invest in a hideaway hose reel or mount a sturdy hook to an outside wall for hanging your hose after each use. Or, get more creative and hide your hosing in a large square planter!

Show your tools some love. It’s easy to start homeownership with a rake and a shovel and quickly accumulate an unruly collection of lawn and gardening tools. Lawn care equipment doesn’t belong up against your home’s foundation or under your deck. Whether you’ve got tools organized via a hook system in your garage—or in a garden shed that also houses the lawnmower, weedwacker, powerwasher, and other big-ticket items—store lawn care equipment all in one place.

Clean up your cooking area. No one wants to drag condiments and cooking utensils outside every time the grill is fired up. Purchase a separate table cart specifically for outdoor cooking items or invest in a grill with underneath storage everything nearby but out-of-sight when not in use.

Organize playtime. Got kids? All those balls, sticks, bouncebacks, mini trampolines, hulu hoops, and more can make your yard look mighty messy. Designate a special storage space for the family’s outdoor toys—consider a wheeling rack system that can go from garage to backyard, an outdoor chest to tuck under your deck, a big ball bin, or another creative solution that keeps them collected and organized.

Look for double-duty solutions. Storage-smart patio benches and tables come in handy when it’s time to get cushions out of the rain. The tops of these outdoor storage pieces can be used for sitting, propping up feet, or placing drinks/foods, while the hidden compartments can store cushions or other outdoor accessories.

Go multi functional. Don’t let your A/C unit or utility box detract from your carefully cultivated backyard haven. While we need these necessities, they don’t have to be an eyesore—consider working with a company to build decorative screens or create a landscaping plan that can help disguise them.  

Get creative with outdoor accessories. Outdoor planters come in so many fun shapes and designs…why not plop one on your patio or deck to store flip flops, pool towels, small gardening tools, or toddler toys?

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