Deck the Halls with custom Decks, Porches and Pavilions

Check your list. Now, check it twice. Do you want to get started on one final home improvement project to finish off the end of the year? Look no further than custom decks, porches, and pavilions. 

When you add an outdoor space to your home, you’re adding shade, style, and beautification to your property that will make a massive difference to your space. Installing the right feature will give you a break from the summer heat, a chance to enjoy the outdoors in the colder months, and add some distinct flair and style to your backyard. 

But which one is right for you? Let’s break down the differences between the three, and the unique benefits each one offers. 


Adding a custom deck to your home will enhance your home’s overall look and property value. They can be large and elaborate or small and simple, but when it comes to decks, they need to conform to the shape of your property. Depending on the type of property and the land surrounding it, a deck can be a trickier piece to install. However, if you have space for one, they’re a fantastic option! Decks offer a fully customizable solution to fit your needs and desires, increase your home value, are great for hosting gatherings, and are highly affordable. 


Porches are often characterized as the main entrance of a home – although back porches are also an option. They are usually covered by an overhanging roof and are on the same level as the home. If you’re working with a smaller space or don’t have much surrounding land, a porch is a perfect solution! Porches offer an increase in home value, work well with smaller spaces, and still give you a place to enjoy the outdoors. Porches create a welcoming environment for your home and offer customization options such as screens, ceiling fans, porch swings, and more!


Pavilions aren’t just for your local park anymore. The unique benefit of adding a pavilion to your home property is that, unlike decks and porches, pavilions can be attached OR unattached to your home. Modern uses for pavilions have expanded their traditional “sit and enjoy the view” purpose of the past. Today’s backyard pavilion can be used as an outdoor kitchen, poolside bar, backyard dining space or garden. If you have the lawn space to incorporate a unique, beautifully designed pavilion, it will add an eye-catching feature to your property.

Adding one of these features will add the ‘deck’ to deck the halls for many seasons to come. At Outdoor Spaces, we design and build custom outdoor decks, porches, and pavilions to meet your needs. Whether you want a small, quaint pavilion for reading or a large, expansive deck for hosting parties, we’ll design and build it for you! Contact us today to get a quote!