Driveway Design Ideas for a Beautiful Home Entrance

Creative Driveway Designs

Your driveway is one of the first things a person sees when coming to your house. If your driveway is cracked, overgrown with weeds, filled with potholes or other signs of disrepair, it can really distract from the beauty of your home and landscaping. Even though a driveway is a mostly functional element to a home, a driveway design can add curb appeal if done right.

Driveway Design Factors to Consider

A new driveway is a big project. So you’ll want to make sure you invest the time in researching the best options for your home. Remember: function before form when it comes to driveways. So before you start pinning beautiful driveways on Pinterest, here are some factors to consider:

  • House size

    A house on a large piece of property can obviously accommodate a larger driveway. You can explore a variety of layouts and aesthetic features if you have this flexibility. If your lot is on the smaller side, overpowering it with an excessive driveway is usually a design no-no. But that’s OK – a simple, straight driveway can give you a clean look with a clear line of vision to your house.

  • Number of cars

    Be sure to think through all the car situations you’ll need to accommodate. How many cars do you own? Where will they park? Will other cars need to be able to pass parked cars? Do you need a turnaround area? Is there enough space to pull into and out of the garage? Will you have guests that need to park in the driveway?

  • Trees and other geographical elements

    If there are trees in your yard you’d like to save, you’ll need to plan for those in your driveway layout. A curved driveway that winds around trees or other natural elements can add visual interest. However, you’ll want to make sure that the turns aren’t too tight and that there is ample space around the trees to protect their root systems. (Outdoor Spaces landscaping specialists can help with that!)

  • Drainage

    It’s very important to consider water runoff when planning a driveway – especially if your driveway will slope toward your house. You also want to make sure that whatever driveway changes you make will not redirect water to your neighbor’s property. Driveway experts like Outdoor Spaces will be able to guide you in land grading, drainage systems and material choice.

  • Budget

    Of course budget is key in any project. But never fear! A beautiful driveway can be achieved on most any budget by adjusting the size of your driveway and the materials used.

Driveway Design Ideas

Now that you have figured out the functional goals for your driveway, let’s get to the fun part – the aesthetics!

Driveway Layout Options

There are five main driveway layouts to consider.

  1. Circular

    This shape is best when you have a large, grand home and property. Beautiful center landscaping can be added for an extra wow-factor.

  2. Horseshoe

    An excellent option when you live on a busy road so you can drive in and out. This is also a good choice if you would like to utilize your front door as your main entrance.

  3. Curved

    This design is great for when your street access doesn’t align with your garage or you need to work around natural elements on your property.

  4. Straight

    This simple layout works well on smaller lots. You can also give an estate-like look to your home with a long, straight driveway if your property is large.

  5. L-shaped

    This is a straight driveway, but with extra area to turn and park cars.

Driveway Materials

Material choice can make a big difference in the look of your driveway (and your budget!)

  • Gravel

    Inexpensive and low maintenance, gravel gives a timeless look. Although you do have to drive slowly so you don’t kick up the gravel onto your car and it can be hard to plow during snowy winters.

  • Poured Concrete

    This type of driveway is a durable choice that can give a modern look to your home. For a more classic, paver-like look, explore stamped concrete.

  • Asphalt

    One of the most popular materials for driveways for good reason. Asphalt is fairly inexpensive and can be repaired easily.

  • Pavers and brick

    If you are looking to make a statement, this is the way to go! Pavers and brick give a high-end look and can last a lifetime.

  • Grass-jointed or permeable pavers

    Since water flows through these pavers, they are a great option when you want to corral runoff. Better for the environment too!

Driveway Features

Add special interest and beauty to your driveway with features and accessories.

  • Porte cocheres

    This fancy French word is what we call a covered porch-like area where cars can park or drop off passengers to be protected from the elements.

  • Gates and stone columns

    Adding a gate to the bottom of your driveway is beautiful and you gain added security for your property.

  • Landscaping

    Lining your driveway with special plantings can really accent the entrance to your home.

  • Lights

    Nothing says welcome to my home than a well-lit driveway and adjoining walkways.

  • Walls

    Decorative and functional retaining walls can be added to your driveway and parking areas.

  • Decorative borders and aprons

    Even if you choose a simple driveway material, you can add stones and pavers to define the edges for extra visual interest.

Driveway Design in Northern Virginia

Driveways are often a house feature that is taken for granted. But with design experts like Outdoor Spaces, your driveway can transform the outside of your home and really increase curb appeal. Let us help you pave the way to a beautiful front yard!