Live Big In Your Outdoor Living Space

Having a small outdoor space doesn’t mean you can’t live big in it! While you may not have room to create your complete dream space, there are many ways you can work with what you do have to create a dreamy, cozy space, no matter the square footage.

The key to making your outdoor space work for you is to, first, have a plan. Knowing where to begin to formulate your plan can be tricky – that’s why we compiled a list of things to consider when you want to live large in a small outdoor space.

Consider Its Purpose

Why do you want an outdoor living area? For you and your family to relax together? To host small get-togethers? For outdoor dining? Knowing it’s primary purpose will help you in prioritizing the features. If you primarily want the space for lounging, skip a large table and opt for a few smaller side tables or one small coffee-sized table. If you want to host dinner parties, opt for a central dining table and chairs, and skip the larger, more loungey furniture and keep the additional accoutrements to a minimum.

Give Furniture Multiple Jobs

For small-space living, a good go-to solution is multipurpose furniture. Use a storage bench or small coffee table as additional seating by adding comfortable, outdoor cushions. Stools can double as small side tables, and large cushions can even be used as floor cushions in place of traditional seating.

Think Vertical

Does your space lack a lot of width or depth? Not a problem! Think vertical. Consider adding outdoor shelving, hanging plants or a patio umbrella to utilize the vertical space. You could even consider installing a patio covering or string lights overhead to draw eyes upward and instantly enhance the space’s ambiance. Vertical thinking can give your small outdoor space the illusion of being bigger than it actually is.

Consider Built-In Options

Consider adding built-in furniture to your outdoor living space. Built-in benches and seating can be customized entirely to whatever space you are working with. Add even more function to built-in seating by adding storage features to get the most out of the space.

Have Fun with Color and Decor

Whether you prefer a minimalist, boho chic, or more fresh modern look, don’t be afraid to have some fun with your outdoor living space. Add a colorful rug, cozy throw pillows, potted plants, or outdoor drapes to pull the entire space together. Adding these small features creates a space that will feel welcoming, put together, and much bigger than the square footage is on paper.

There are an endless number of possibilities for making your space, no matter how big or small, feel like home. If you’re still unsure how to utilize your outdoor living space, or feel overwhelmed by the options, contact Outdoor Spaces today! With a background in landscape architecture and years of experience building stunning AND functional residential living areas, our designers will work directly with you to make your dreams a reality. The possibilities for your property are limitless. If you dream it, we can create it for you!