5 Ways to Breathe Some Spring into Your Patio or Outdoor Space

March can be a fickle month, with balmy breezes one day and snowy vistas another. But these weather fluctuations are also a welcome sign that winter is winding down to make way for spring. Check out these simple, yet effective, ways to upgrade to a beautiful patio.

Here are some key steps to prime your patio design and outdoor living space for Spring 2022:

  1. Hit The Yard For Clean-Up Duty

    Winter’s snowstorms, freeze-and-thaw cycles, and windy days can beat up your landscape. Head outside and start with some spring cleaning – flush out gutters that may be clogged with old leaves, remove broken tree limbs, and powerwash exterior siding, decking, and/or patios.

  2. Do A Plant Health Check

    Walk your property and inspect the landscaping. Remove weeds, prune any overgrown shrubs or trees, and check plants to ensure they’re in good health. Doing so will help determine what needs to be replaced and what’s missing from your landscape so you’ll know what to plant this year.

  3. Prep For Outdoor Cooking

    Outdoor cooking is one of the best perks of having a great outdoor space. Be sure to get your outdoor grills and patio fire pits cleaned and ready to fire up early so you can make the most of spring’s perfect outdoor weather. Wipe down grill grates, grill covers, sinks, and any stainless appliances. Be sure to check propane/gas lines and re-stock the outdoor fridge with plenty of cool beverages.

  4. Assess Your Furniture

    Outdoor furnishings and patio furniture can look tired after prolonged exposure to the elements so consider giving your deck or patio a mini makeover with updated furniture. Always look for outdoor furniture made with weather-resistant materials like specialty outdoor synthetics, teak, or aluminum for protection from damaging rain and UV rays. If your outdoor furniture is in good shape, uncover and hose it down thoroughly to remove dirt, cobwebs, or bugs that may have lingered there over the winter.

  5. Add New Outdoor Touches

    Outdoor spaces have become extensions of our homes and provide a canvas for nearly endless decorating potential without spending a lot:

    • Light It Up

      Use string lights, portable lanterns, hard-wired sconces, or battery-operated candles to illuminate your porch, patio, pool deck, garden paths, and more.

    • Think Textiles

      Replacing furniture cushions and/or adding new decorative pillows are great ways to instantly update your outdoor space with a fresh pop of color.

    • Throw Some Shade

      Invest in a colorful new umbrella for your outdoor dining table or look for other creative ways to shield out some sun, such as motorized shade screens, awnings, and pergolas.

    • Add Some Green

      Planters are the perfect way to add color and texture to your outdoor space with a variety of different plants.

    • Welcome Feathered Friends

      Bring some colorful wildlife a little closer to home by adding a pretty bird feeder to your yard.

Need some spring patio upgrade inspiration or outdoor living design ideas? Ready to build your ideal outdoor space? Let our team help you create the perfect luxury outdoor living space.