Spring Ahead to Enjoy Your Deck, Porch, or Patio

Ahhhh…the signs of spring are here. Birds are chirping and a balmy day or two is signaling the start of the season. Let’s get your outdoor space ready for prime time!

Prepping your home’s outdoor area for spring and summer can range from “no big deal” to a seriously major undertaking, depending on the severity of the winter season in your area, the size of your property, and the extent of your amenities. You may have to deal with an irrigation system, a pool, outdoor lighting, gardens and landscaping, walkways, and/or other hardscaping–so understand how long it will take to prep so you can maximize your outdoor enjoyment.

For now, let’s look at a few simple things you can do to start enjoying your deck, porch, or patio.

The Basics

✅ Inspect for repairs
Winter’s harsh weather can do a number on your outdoor space, so do a thorough inspection before you haul out furniture and décor. Check your decking to determine if a refinish is in order—inspect for any cracked deck boards, loose caulk, or chipped paint. Re-sand or add gravel to existing patios. Crank up the pressure washer to remove any layers of dirt and mold.

✅ Prep your grill
Be sure to prep your grill properly before firing it up for the heavy-duty action it sees during the spring and summer. Get rid of accumulated grime on the inside and outside with soapy water and remove the burners and gas tubes for cleaning. Be sure to clean the grease traps that collect fatty deposits, so they don’t ignite and set your grill (and house!) on fire. If you find rust on your grill, use steel wool to scrub it off. Make sure your grill is protected from wind, sun, and rain with a well-constructed canvas or vinyl cover. Last, stock up on propane at the start of grilling season and keep an extra tank on hand!

✅ Freshen up your cushions
It’s time to get your seat seating ready for lounging. If you didn’t wash them prior to the end of fall, don’t neglect this step—all that exposure to moisture means your outdoor cushions are a magnet for mildew. Most cushions are designed with removable covers that can be washed on a gentle cycle. Use the upholstery attachment to vacuum the actual cushions to remove loose dirt and dust. If your cushions have any mildew stains, mix 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid in a bucket of warm water with ¼ cup of borax and let your cushions soak for 15 minutes; rub out any remaining spots with a scrub brush.

Spruce it Up

✅ Jazz up your planters
Forget boring clay pots to house your deck or patio foliage. Decorative planters are an easy and inexpensive way to add a pop of pizazz to your outdoor space. If you’re not buying a colorful new planter, consider repurposing something else to showcase your favorite gardenias or mandevillas—spray paint a bird bath, a broken wheelbarrow, or an old ice chest for a charming rustic look.

✅ Privacy please
You don’t have to wait for your Arborvitae to grow taller to enjoy a little privacy from your next-door neighbors. Outdoor curtains are both functional and fabulous. And they’re flexible…open and close-able for just when you need them.  

✅ Warm up the floor
A fun area rug can add personality and transform an outdoor space into something much more “indoor.” Inexpensive and durable, outdoor rugs come in lots of colors, patterns, and sizes. Most can be hosed off and should be cleaned at the end of the season with a little dish soap, water, and soft scrub brush. In between cleaning, use a leaf blower to keep any debris off your rug.

✅ Store it
Most outdoor spaces need storage containers for extra cushions, furniture covers, candles, and other extras you may need to keep out of the elements from time to time. Storage containers are pretty and functional now—choose one to use as extra seating for guests or tables for food and drinks.

✅ Extra, extra
What else? Hang a hammock on your deck…string outdoor lights over your patio or along your porch ceiling…hang rail-mounted planters on your deck…toss pillows in different colors and patterns onto sofas and chairs…hang colorful Japanese lanterns from your pergola.

Need some inspiration for your outdoor space this spring? Let our team help!