Stay Warm All Winter Long with Custom Fire Features

With winter upon us, gone are the days of splashing around in the pool, playing catch on the lawn, and hosting cookouts in your outdoor pergola. You may be feeling melancholy about the thought of not enjoying your outdoor space until the first blooms of Spring… but we’re here to lift your spirits!

While some days will be too cold to even think of stepping foot outside, there will be many more temperate winter days where all it takes is a warm and cozy fire feature to bring the fun back to your outdoor living space. Winter can truly be enjoyed outdoors as long as you have the right fire feature to plant yourself next to. 

But, which feature is right for you? 

Fire Pits

Fire pits offer a lot of variety and customization from the ground up. They are the most common fire feature that you’ll see, and can easily fit within a tighter budget if the design and installation are kept relatively simple. The shape can be made to fit into any space, showcase a more traditional style, or offer more unique, abstract shapes. They also can be placed in-ground for a more permanent feature or kept above ground to remain moveable. Once your design consultant narrows down the style and completes installation, you can begin putting it to good use!

Fire Bowls

Fire bowls are beautiful features that boast eye-catching style and uniqueness. Fire bowls can come in various styles, colors, and materials and are very low-maintenance — which is one of their most popular features. Place a few seating elements around the fire bowl, and you’ll have an elegant, regal space for hosting guests all through the winter months. 


Want to take the ambiance to the next level? Traditional fireplaces typically offer more elegant designs and are fantastic features to add to an outdoor pavilion. As they are a permanent fixture built into your outdoor space, it’s vital to utilize weatherproof materials.Your designer will have a wealth of knowledge to help guide you to the best options for you and your space. 

It’s tough spending all your free time stuck inside during the long winter months. But it’s also not appealing to go outside in the freezing cold. A fire feature is the perfect way to bring warmth to the chilly winter days and add a boost to your property value at the same time! By installing a fire feature, you and your guests will have a cozy space to gather around and stay warm.