Creating the Ultimate Entertainment Space in Your Backyard

Add an Outdoor Entertainment Area to Your Home

Get ready to be the backyard party MVP! Whether it’s the fresh air, open space, seasonal food or just not worrying about making a mess inside, outdoor entertaining has so many benefits for hosts and guests alike.

Do you have an entertainment space that’s the envy of the neighborhood? Read on to learn some killer backyard entertainment ideas so you can create a beautiful place to relax and make memories with your family and friends.

Benefits to Backyard Entertaining

There are so many reasons why an outdoor entertainment space in your home can be a valuable addition:

1. Get more nature in your life

The “experts” have been telling us why being outdoors is good for us for a while. Why not incorporate a space in your home that can help you do just that? Getting fresh air and sunlight is important for vitamin D production, sleep quality, stress reduction and overall well-being.

2. Up your home’s square footage

When you entertain outside, you effectively expand your living space beyond the walls of your home. Often people can accommodate larger gatherings when they take advantage of their outdoor areas as well.

3. Boredom be gone

Let’s face it – an indoor party can sometimes feel like the same old same old. But when you entertain outside, you have the flexibility to incorporate all kinds of fun activities like outdoor games, sports and more. Even the food can be different with barbecuing, smoking meat or roasting marshmallows over a fire pit

4. Cleanup in a snap

We’ve all cringed when someone has spilled a glass of red wine or ate a crumbly cookie while indoors. No problem with that when you take the party outside! There is less wear and tear on your indoor floors and furniture, and most surfaces can be easily cleaned up with a hose or broom.

5. Increase your home’s value

Backyard entertaining spaces, especially those with an outdoor kitchen really enhance the functionality and enjoyability of a backyard. Since outdoor entertainment spaces are hotter than the sun right now, having a great one can up your property value.

Assessing Your Backyard and Goals

Before you start dreaming up a one-of-a-kind entertainment space for your backyard, you’ll want to think through your property’s specific features as well as your personal preferences. Some questions to ask might be:

  • How do you envision using the space? 
  • Do you have the space to comfortably achieve your goals? 
  • How much shade will you need? 
  • What existing features will you need to accommodate such as trees or a view? 
  • Do you have any privacy considerations? 
  • What lighting will you need? 
  • What permits and approvals are required? 
  • What is your budget?

Ideas for a Backyard Entertainment Area

Essentials of Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

In most backyard entertaining areas, there are three main components:

1. Seating

Cozy lounging areas provide a comfortable place for both you and your guests to relax, socialize and appreciate the environment. Usually this includes durable, weather-resistant outdoor furniture such as sofas, chairs and cocktail tables arranged in a way that encourages conversation.

2. Cooking

From a simple grill to a full-fledged outdoor kitchen, having a place to prep, cook and serve your food outside is a game-changer. No more running back and forth between indoor and outdoor spaces, missing out on your own event!

3. Dining

Having a comfortable area where guests can savor those outdoor meals is a critical piece of your outdoor space to think through. Consider the size of your typical gatherings and choose a dining setup large enough to meet your needs.

Customizing Your Outdoor Entertainment Space

Now that we’ve covered the essentials, it’s time for the exciting part. The sky’s the limit (literally, unless you are planning on building a roof)! Here are some ideas for additions that will bring those personalized touches to reflect your unique interests and make your outdoor space truly yours:

Fire pits or fireplace

Who doesn’t love to sit around a glowing, crackling fire? A fire feature adds a mesmerizing visual element and focal point to a seating area.


Let there be light (and laughter) all night long! Without adequate lighting your outdoor space may be limited to daylight hours. Use a combination of ambient lights, such as string lights or lanterns, and functional lighting for pathways and activity areas.


Planting trees, shrubs and flowers not only makes your space more beautiful, it can tackle any privacy issues you might have. Strategically-placed hedges, vertical gardens and trellises covered with climbing plants can block out neighbors or unsightly views like AC units or utility boxes.


The addition of a bar introduces a different type of seating – usually barstools – and a festive atmosphere. Incorporating amenities like a bar fridge, ice maker and storage raise the bar on outdoor entertaining even further.

Kitchen amenities

There are so many fun, creative outdoor kitchen appliances that really up your culinary experience. Consider adding a smoker, pizza oven, rotisserie, built-in blender, stovetop or teppanyaki grill. And don’t forget the more basic amenities like a fridge, sink and built-in garbage can.

Games and activities

Incorporate outdoor games that keep the party going. You could include a bocce ball or croquet court, basketball hoop, ping pong table or an area for lawn games like cornhole or horseshoes.


Hide your mess in style. Think about storage solutions for things like games, toys, balls and chair cushions. They will stay protected from the elements and your backyard will remain a clutter-free oasis.

Shade and shelter

When you add shade and shelter options to your entertaining space, you extend its usage on hot or rainy days. It can be as simple as umbrellas or something more substantial like a covered patio, pergola or gazebo. Adding built-in heaters or fans can up the comfort to the next level.

Entertainment features

Create the perfect party atmosphere when you add items like an outdoor sound system for music, a TV for sporting events and a projector and screen for outdoor movie nights.


An outdoor bathroom is one of the best ways to ensure that your party stays where it belongs – outside! You can minimize indoor foot traffic and dirt and water being tracked inside.

Backyard Designers in Northern Virginia

Ready to turn your backyard into a slice of paradise? Whether you envision hosting large parties, intimate gatherings with family, or just having a quiet place to relax and read a book, Outdoor Spaces Design can help you create the perfect outdoor oasis that will transform your home. We will be your partner as we turn your backyard entertaining dreams into a reality worth celebrating!