Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space this Winter

Got the winter blues? We hear you. These frosty months can drag on forever. But your outdoor space can be a source of simple pleasure with just a little TLC. Here are a few simple ways to create your very own winter wonderland:

Light it up. Nothing is prettier than warm light against a stark winter sky. Drape hanging lanterns on an otherwise empty patio to add a glow, light an open-air porch with globe lights, or wrap string lights around a tree in the corner of your yard. Illuminating pathways and installing sconces on the front porch are other easy ways to brighten your winter scape.

Create entrance cheer. Winter’s grey skies can make everything look and feel a little dreary. Add a pop of color to your front door with a grapevine berry wreath. Or, give your mailbox a fresh makeover with a coat of brightly colored paint (just be sure to paint your mailbox indoors, as spray paint won’t adhere to a cold surface).

Welcome some feathered friends! Colorful birdhouses and feeders are great at distracting the eye from the season’s bleak landscape. Turn your backyard’s evergreens into a haven for winter’s vibrant birds, using feeder garlands made from strands of cranberries, nuts, and small berries.

Add texture to your beds. Try a new take on mulching – a key step in protecting the sensitive roots of flower and tree beds – by topping your beds with pinecones instead. Pretty and functional!

Create a conversation piece. Place a garden arbor in your landscaping or entrance walkway to add instant charm to your winter scene. Garden sculptures, a bench, or a trellis are also great ways to create a winter focal point for your outdoor space.

Keep it tidy. Sticks, branches, and dead grass can make your winter lawn look unruly. Keep your yard healthy by picking up large sticks and branches, which will aid in preventing dull yellow and brown patches that can ruin your grass. Even though your bushes and trees may be dormant this time of year, you’ll also want to cut away any broken limbs caused by winter storms.

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